Constantly adapting. Continually improving.

better marketing

The real estate market is in a state of constant change. How a property is brought to market needs to change along with it. Which is why our team is committed to continual improvement. We believe better marketing produces better results. And we don’t believe in resting on our past success. We are constantly innovating our practices to deliver on the results our clients require, in an ever-changing market.

better marketing

Though the tools and channels we use might change, our marketing objectives are the same for each client property; affect the highest price in the shortest time with the least inconvenience. To achieve this, our focus is on properly positioning each property to the right audience in the most impactful way possible. And we follow the best process to get the best results.

Before we bring our client properties to market, we preMarket them to validate market demand and pricing. This is a critical step that’s missing from conventional real estate marketing. Typically, properties go directly on the market without any prior market validation, in the hopes of determining market interest and securing a hopeful sale. However, properties not in line with market expectations take longer to sell and don’t achieve optimal prices. Learn more >

Once our client properties are on the market, we utilize and leverage all the feedback and market interest we generated from our preMarketing efforts. Along with that, our marketing program is expanded to include the mainstream MLS® marketplace. Our digital, email and event-based marketing initiatives are also put in place to zero in on the ready buyers in the current market. This is a full-on, direct marketing approach where we are actively engaging, qualifying and securing the optimal market opportunities. Learn more >

'Sold' is our endgame. And like any activity with a set goal and target, strategy plays a key part from the very beginning. Because of that, we are constantly focused on the 'close'. Technically, no property is considered sold until an unconditional agreement has been fully executed. That said, we consider the point at which we have identified a ready, willing and able buyer to be when our Sold stage begins. Learn more >

better results

Our clients don’t just hire us because of our reputation or our experience or even because we might come highly recommended to them. Our clients hire us because they expect one thing above anything else - results! Which is why our value proposition is simply this: We Make it Happen!

Sell More Properties:

Since 2014, Sasso Home Marketing Group has sold over 80% of the properties we’ve listed. That’s a very impressive achievement when you compare it against the industry average.

Market Average*
Our Average*
Listing to Sold Conversion

In Less Time:

Since 2014, Sasso Home Marketing Group has sold its client properties within 29 days on average. That’s almost 31% faster than the industry average.

Market Average*
Our Average*
Days on Market

And for More Money

Since 2014, Sasso home Marketing Group has garnered its clients an average sold to list price of over 98%. That works out to almost $25,000 more for our clients, compared to the average.

Market Average*
Our Average*
Sold Price vs List Price

*Data based on information available from the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board