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Fraser Valley June Home Sales Up 41%

(July 06, 2015, posted in Real Estate)

Sales in the Fraser Valley in June were the highest for that month since 2005 and ranked as the fourth busiest month ever for MLS sales in the region, the Fraser Valley Real Estate Board announced July 3.           

The 2,103 residential sales were a year-over-year increase of 40.9 per cent compared with June of last year, and a rise of 20.7 per cent compared with May.   

After several months of contractions, the... read more.

Chinese New Year boosts Vancouver real estate sales

(March 07, 2015, posted in Real Estate)

The festive mood of Chinese New Year is continuing to linger in Vancouver’s housing market weeks after celebrations are over.

Cory Raven, managing broker at Re/Max, says Chinese New Year heightens whichever housing trend is dominate in that year. “Any year where we have an already busy market, it seems like Chinese New Year speeds [it] up even more.”

Weekly home sales continue to soar into the Year... read more.

BC Home Sales Forecast to Rise Through 2016

(February 11, 2015, posted in Real Estate)

Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) residential sales in British Columbia are forecast to rise 2.4 per cent to 86,050 units this year and a further 3.9 per cent to 89,400 units in 2016. The ten-year average is 82,100 unit sales. Stronger economic conditions at home and abroad combined with favourable demographics and interest rates are expected to underpin provincial housing demand over the next two... read more.

Don't blame the financial crisis for low interest rates — they've been falling for 30 years

(February 10, 2015, posted in Economy)

There is lots in the media at the moment about how interest rates on government bonds in some developed countries are dipping below zero for the first time. This is indeed an historical moment, but it reflects a 30-year trend of collapsing yields rather than simply being a short-term phenomenon.

The chart below shows the interest rates on 10-year government bonds in the US, Germany, Japan, Switzerl... read more.

Top economic forecaster predicts Surrey will shine in the midst of national volatility

(February 07, 2015, posted in Economy)

At a time when Canadians’ growing debt-to-income ratios are triggering dire financial warnings, one of Canada’s top economists came to Surrey bearing good news yesterday.

“Surrey has a lot of things going well for it right now, with its population increase, location close to the border and affordability in terms of real estate,” said Douglas Porter, chief economist and managing director for BMO Cap... read more.