The advantage of being market-ready

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Our preMarket initiatives help to ensure that our client properties are On Market when they are truly market-ready and positioned in line with market expectations. Once the property is On Market, our focus is on presenting and promoting our client properties to their fullest advantage. Our marketing efforts are orchestrated in a way that best maintains and leverages our clients' positioning so as to secure a successful sale at an optimal price.

Presenting your property effectively

presenting your Property

With your home now market-ready, it's our job to capture its unique features in the best possibly light and through the most strategic marketing channels and mediums. Ensuring that prospect buyers instantly recognize the key features, advantages and buying opportunity associated with our client properties, is our paramount focus. To communicate that, we employ best-in-class services, devices and marketing collateral to capture and convey the unique features of our client properties:

Professional photography & video

It can’t be overstated - the right photography for a property can make the difference between whether certain buyers even view the property or not. And that in turn can make the difference in the selling price - or even whether the property sells. Suffice it to say that Sasso Home Marketing Group places a high importance on properly photographing each of our client properties.

Property Description

A property description for many might seem like a rather incidental part of how a property is marketed. If it’s been a while since you’ve been in the role of a buyer, you might have forgotten how every detail about a home you are considering seems of critical importance. As such, we place similar importance in describing our client properties with the proper emphasis on the features that buyers are most likely to be interested in.

Property Brochures

The typical buyer views quite a number of homes each time they go out to tour prospective properties. Trying to keep the details straight on each property they view is next to impossible. To aid in that effort we create engaging and informative property brochures to help that buyer not only remember the key features of our client properties but more importantly, to give it priority consideration when deciding which property they’ll be offering on.

Floor Plans

Each home is unique for many reasons; probably one of the more identifiable reasons is its floor plan. Two homes with the exact same square-footage will have different appeal to buyers based solely on how floor plan works or feels for them. Therefore, for certain client properties, we prepare professionally measured floor plans. These floor plans become a resourceful tool that Buyers can use to remind them of a particular layout or confirm whether the layout of the home will work for them.

Documentation and Specifications

In cases where there has been preMarket inspection or appraisal we look to provide the resulting report summaries to qualified buyers to assure them of the property's soundness and value and to help secure an offer from them on the property. For property's that are newly constructed or renovated we work with our clients to compile information on materials used, notable suppliers who were involved as well as relevant work orders and permitting approvals.

Promoting your property effectively

Promoting your Property

Orchestrating a successful marketing program for our client properties involves strategically utilizing a wide variety of mediums and platforms. Exposing the property to as many potential buyers as possible is key in creating the optimal number of opportunities that lead to a successful sale. Our marketing activities fall under three main areas of focus.



The real estate market is in many ways an online market. It's where the majority of buyers conduct their initial searches, review and compare listed properties and gather the information that guides and forms their purchasing decisions. It's critical that our client properties be front and center for buyers planning their next purchase. 

  • Listing Syndication
  • Social Media
  • Foreign Buyer Marketing
  • Email Marketing


Sasso Home Marketing Group maintains a strong local presence in the market areas we operate in by prominently showcasing our client properties local media. Marketing mediums such as Local newspapers, Direct Mail, Transit Advertising and our Market Matters Newsletters represent a considerable part of our property marketing budget. We utilize these devices to create call-to-actions that buyers use to get more information on our client properties.

  • Local Newspapers
  • Direct Mail
  • Transit Advertising
  • Property Signage
  • Local Sponsorships
  • MarketMatters Newsletter


Our policy of conducting all showings on our client properties in-person is possibly the most significant determinant affecting our sales rate. Unless required, we do not use lock-boxes nor do we rely on other Realtors to show our listings. We conduct all our own showings in-person for the simple reason that being eye-to-eye with a prospective buyer is what, in the end, sells homes.

  • Open Houses
  • Scheduled Showings
  • Realtor Tours
  • Neighbourhood Canvassing
  • Lead Tracking & Follow Up