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'Sold' is our endgame. And like any activity with a set goal and target, strategy plays a key part from the very beginning. Because of that, we are constantly focused on the 'close'. Technically, no property is considered sold until an unconditional agreement has been fully executed. That said, we consider the point at which we have identified a ready, willing and able buyer to be when our Sold stage begins.

Closing on the opportunity

Closing Deal

Following Up

It can't be overstated; the follow up we do with buyers and their agents that view our client properties plays an integral part in how we bring about successful sales. Understanding and proactively addressing a buyer's concerns, questions and perspectives on our client properties is what enables us to effectively position the subject property a top consideration for a prospective buyer

Securing the Offer

Persuading a ready, willing and able buyer to put pen to paper and submit an offer is in many respects where an opportunity emerges as a reality. Because of that, our focus is squarely on converting a buyer's interest and inclinations, to a viable, written offer. A formal offer not only details the specific terms and conditions, it also conveys the buyer's position. From there we can advise our sellers on how best to respond and navigate toward a successful accepted offer.

Negotiating Favourable Terms

Conventional thinking suggests that negotiations begin once you have an offer in hand. The reality however is that negotiating happens well before we receive an offer. Everything we do in marketing our client properties is about orchestrating the best possible conditions for negotiations. Everything, from how we preMarket our client properties, get them ready for market and all the activities that goes into marketing them is about putting our sellers in a position of strength from which to negotiate. So that by the point at which we receive an offer, the terms and conditions of that initial closely match or exceed our sellers' expectations.

Facilitating Due Diligence

For accepted offers with subject conditions, we play an active role in facilitating the buyer's due diligence by providing all relevant documentation, overseeing any property inspections and appraisal and answering any questions as required. It's our job to ensure that all the efforts we've put into securing an offer results in an unconditional sale.

Completing on the sale

Completing Deal

Overseeing Completion

From helping our sellers find a notary or lawyer to handle the conveyancing of their sale, to ensuring they understand the costs and logistics of completing their sale, we are there to assist in helping to ensure a completion that's free of any surprises.

After-sales service

Even after the completion date has come and gone, our team is available to respond to and help out on various issues that can come up after our sellers have moved out. Anything from retrieving our sellers' unforwarded mail to overseeing questions and issues the new homeowner may have encountered with the property.